18 Things I’ve Learned

I’ve spent the last thirteen and a half years of my life in education, so I’d like to think that I’ve learned an awful lot. In recent years, I’ve realised that some of life’s greatest lessons can’t be taught by a teacher or learned in a classroom. A lot is going to change for me in the next few months and years, and I can imagine I’m going to learn a whole load of new lessons that adulthood brings. I figured that it was important for me to write about the things I’ve learned so far, so then in another eighteen years time, I can come back and reflect on how much more I have learnt. So here are the 18 most important things I’ve learned so far:

  1. Things change, always.
  2. Sometimes all you need is a nice hot bath.
  3. Lists are good.
  4. Be spontaneous as much as you can.
  5. A hair cut really can change your life.
  6. Growing doesn’t always meaning losing or leaving.
  7. A good walk can clear you head completely.
  8. You’re never too old for lego.
  9. High school isn’t forever.
  10. A glass of water will always make you feel better.
  11. It is never too late to start over.
  12. Sometimes all you have is your determination, and you have to hold on to that and never let it go till you’ve finished.
  13. An occasional McDonald’s at 2am will not wreck your diet.
  14. Timing is a funny thing.
  15. Letting go is good sometimes.
  16. Don’t dwell on the bad and miss out on the good.
  17. If you don’t travel, you don’t grow.
  18. Look up.

Love, Georgie xo


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