Dear My Best Friend,

We have no idea when or how we ever became friends, but I also can’t remember my life without you in it. (I definitely remember times when I hated you but I also remember that I was six years old.) There’s no me without you and I hope you know that.

When you make friends with someone in preschool, you don’t become friends because of your common love of music or sport, you become friends because they’re playing in the sand pit and you also want to play in the sand pit. I’d like to think that’s how we became friends, because we both know we have very limited common interests. That’s the best kind of friendship though, because our friendship has always and will always just be. It didn’t change when you stopped playing football or when I picked up a guitar, and it wont change when I move to the Netherlands in Autumn or when you move to wherever the hell you end up.

You balance out everything in me, all the bad, the good and the crazy. You’re my exact opposite but also my carbon copy. Somebody once told me that she couldn’t understand why we were friends, and it made me realise that neither could I, but what I could understand was that nobody will ever know me as well as you do. You know exactly what I need to hear and will never put up with any of my nonsense. You’re probably the only person that can make me laugh even in my saddest moment. You’re the brightest light in my life, even on my darkest day.

I don’t think I could ever pick out a favourite memory of the moments we’ve shared together. There have been so many times where we’ve sat on your couch and laughed till we cried, watched the same film so many times till we can quote every word, eaten two kinds of take out because we couldn’t decide on which to get, eaten entire tubs of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream in the middle of winter.

And then there are the times which we decided to leave the comfort of your house and go outside, although most of those memories are yet to be made. Maybe 18 years from now, I’ll be writing you a birthday post talking about all those memories too.

One of the most amazing things about having a best friend is getting to watch them achieve amazing things, like getting to see their dreams come true or getting to see them kick ass, because you get to stand there watching and say “that’s my best friend and look at what they just did”. Last year was probably the toughest battle you’ll ever fight. Seeing you go through that really put things into perspective for me. I would be making mountains out of molehills and you were there making a molehill out of a mountain. You are hands down the strongest person I know and you made it so easy for me to stay strong because there was never a moment when you looked weak. I’ve never been more proud to call you my best friend than the day when you texted me saying “I’ve done it. I’m free.”

I think a best friend isn’t just someone who is there for you no matter what. It’s someone who inspires you to be a better person every day, someone who encourages you to keep going and helps you achieve your dreams and goals, someone who keeps you grounded and is a home away from home. To me, that’s you. I know that I am always at home whenever I’m beside you.

I’m so thankful for your family for becoming your family, even though your dad still calls me Georgia despite being told more times than anyone can count that that’s not my name. They’ve always made me feel welcome in their house, so much so that I will turn up unannounced, open their front door without knocking and head straight to the kitchen to get myself a snack. No matter where I go, I will always be there to drink a whole two litre bottle of full fat coke when your mum wants it out the fridge because I’m the only person she knows who drinks it. And I will always take the mick out of your dad for his secret 2am obsession with Rod Stewart. I love your sisters for being the sisters I never had, and your grandma for bringing round food every Monday and the fact she still doesn’t know that I’m the only person who eats it.

Thank you, for your love, friendship and support. You truly are the greatest person I know.

Happy 18th birthday, Molly.

I love you, always.

Georgie xo


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