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A Day in My Life

I’ve probably said this before but my daily routine hasn’t changed much since I started college in 2015. As a lot is about to change in these next few years, I thought it would be interesting to document a random day in, at aged 18, as I am preparing to take my A Level exams, so I can look back on this time in years to come. So, here’s a diary of Tuesday the 9th of May 2017:

I woke at 7:20, earlier than usual as I have just started using an app to help maintain a healthy sleep schedule. I managed to speak to my parents for a few minutes before they went to work, grabbed my usual breakfast of a nature valley bar and a glass of water and sat in our back room under the morning sun.

Tuesday is my study day, so although I don’t have any classes, I usually try and go to college for a few hours so I definitely get in some undistracted revision. I headed in for nine, and after some brief admin at my college’s programme office, I met two of my friends for sausage barm cakes and hash browns. After they headed to their revision session, I managed to get in two hours of revision. I got my usual lunch of pasta and tomato sauce, and we ate in our usual restaurant.

The rarest part of my day was attending the “Pet Therapy” session after lunch. May is the annual start of exam season, so stress levels are ever rising. My college has started holding pet therapy sessions to help ease student stress. I was part of the tester group last year, so I got to cuddle rabbits and guinea pigs, and honestly, it works like a dream, even now I can look back on how calm I was in that moment, even a year on, and it still relaxes me. This year, we got to interact with a wider variety of animals, from dogs, to geckos, to lesser hedgehog tenrecs.

(blacked out our lanyards for safety reasons obviously, although anyone who knows my college will recognise that signature purple carpet) 

It was a wonderful experience, and was a great help for creating instant happiness for me and my friends, and help soothe our stress. Pet Therapy is a really interesting concept that I’ve only had minimal experiences with, but has definitely done a lot for my mental health.

In the afternoon, I took Martha to the gym for the very first time. I love going to the gym and staying active and I always try to encourage my friends to be more active too. Finally, my efforts are working as Martha told me she’d like me to show her ways to be more active. I briefly introduced her to some of the machines at the gym, showing her various cardio methods, and even dabbling a little bit in weights. We attempted some Pilates but, as she’s not very flexible, I think we’re going to work up to that.

As it was my youngest cousin’s 21st yesterday, a few of my family members and I went out for a meal at our local Wetherspoons. It’s very rare that we ever get all 26 members of our family in the same room, so 15 of us was quite a turnout. I’m obsessed with the Purple Rain cocktail in Wetherspoons, its Sourz cherry, Blue Curaçao, Lemonade and Lime, I’ll drink a pitcher every time I go, which for me, is a lot.

We came home relatively early, so I ended the night by watching an episode of Parks and Rec with my mum and brother.

It wasn’t exactly a typical Tuesday, but it was definitely better than my usual wake up late, spend 2 hours in college, go home and go to bed kind of Tuesday.

Check back next year to see how my life has changed.

Love Georgie xo

(ps, I’m going to find a better featured image soon, for now it’s bed time)


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