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A Week In My Sleep

As some one who has always struggled to maintain healthy sleep habits, I am always looking for new tips and tricks on how to sleep better. Recently, I have started using a new app, SleepTown, to help create better sleep habits and help me gain a full nights sleep. The main idea of the app is that you set a bedtime and wake up goal and in between the two times, the app locks your phone and builds a virtual building, and if you touch your phone after your bedtime, it destroys the building, and if you don’t shake your phone at your wake up time, it destroys the building. It is produced by the same developers who created the Forest app, and they sure know how to guilt me into not using my phone. I thought that it would be a nice idea to do an app review of sorts, and keep a brief diary of how the app is helping my sleep, with updates coming at one month, two months, six months and maybe a year – depending on how it goes.

The first night, last Monday, I set my bedtime goal for 11:15pm and my wake up goal for 7:30am. The app has a bedtime reminder which you can set anywhere from an hour to five minutes before your bedtime goal. I set mine for half an hour before hand so I have time to wash my face and get ready for bed. That night I made it to sleep at 10:50pm and woke up at 7:20am. I found it very easy to fall asleep as I usually will lay in bed on my phone for an hour so after settling down, but as this app locks your phone as soon as you press the “sleep” button, I was unable to do so and had to actually go to sleep. I found it relatively easy to wake up as my parents were making a lot of noise getting ready for work so I forced myself out of bed to go say goodbye to them.

After night one I decided to pay for the premium upgrade. It’s a one time payment of 89p so I thought it was worth it to unlock the premium features of a cloud backup and the apps rewards. For night two, I decided to reset my bedtime goal for 11pm and my wake up goal for 7am to give me more time to get ready in the morning. That night I went to bed at 10:50 and woke up very promptly at 7am. I felt very refreshed and energised which really helped me to make it through my Wednesday morning, as I have three hours and forty five minutes of class in a row, and I usually only make it half way through without almost falling asleep.

On Wednesday night, I was up late updating my blog (check it out there’s dog pictures) so I didn’t get chance to wash my face and was very rushed in getting to bed on time. The next morning, my alarm didn’t go off and so I didn’t wake up until 7:25, meaning my building had been destroyed. Safe to say, I was very sad about it all day and was disappointed in myself for not sticking to my goals. Later that day, I realised why my alarm wasn’t going off so the problem was fixed by Friday morning.

Night four went pretty well. I was asleep at 11pm and woke up fully rested at 6:50. I took a shower to help wake me up, and as Friday is my most full day at college, I’m usually very tired by the end of it, but I made it all the way through to last period staying fully engaged in the lesson.

I usually end up staying up later on Fridays, but this week I said, no I can’t watch another episode of the West Wing as I have to get to sleep soon. Having mastered the going to sleep at 11pm, the only thing I struggled with on the weekend was waking up at 7 and not going back to bed. Both days this weekend, and today, I woke up to unlock my phone and then slept in till after 9. So my goal for the next three weeks is to actually force myself out of bed at 7. Maybe if I leave my phone charging at the other side of my room rather than on my night stand I’ll get out of bed easier.

After a week of controlling my sleep habits, I feel more refreshed. I’ve been hit with a horrible cold and the weather has become very grey, but I’m not as groggy as I would have been two weeks ago.  Check back in three weeks to see my progress!

Happy sleeping,

love Georgie xo


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