Diversifying My Style – New Look Try On Clothing Haul

Anyone who knows me will know that my go to style is something preppy with a hint of business casual. My entire first year of college was filled with pencil skirts and peter pan collars, despite my college not at all having a business dress code. I went a good sixth months without wearing a single pair of jeans but then I rediscovered my love for Marks and Spencer’s ‘Jeggings’ and my style began to change. It has definitely become my casual, and I definitely wear a lot less heels and a lot more flats – which my feet must be loving me for.

As I’m going on holiday the day after my exams finish, I’m planning to get all my holiday shopping and packing done before my exams even start so I’ve been busy ordering a lot of things online these last few days.

My go to store for everything is New Look. I’ve shopped there since I was 11 and as my style has evolved I’ve been able to move through their various style sections and age ranges. Their products are always of a really good quality and, as my parents purchase most of my clothes, I’m thankful that they are relatively cheap. It’s also really great that students can get all their products (except those already on sale) at 10% off with a student ID or discount code found on UniDays.

As I said earlier jeans have always been like marmite to me. Most the jeans I own are from M&S and are skinny, so I decided to branch out and purchase some Mom Jeans. I picked up these ones with the frayed hem in a size 14 L30. In the past when I’ve tried on Mom jeans they have always been very tights as I am used to wearing stretch Denim, so I bought them in a larger size. They fit really well around the waist and thighs although they’re a little shorter than I would’ve liked but I’ve decided to embrace this.

DSC00492 - Copy

For tops, I picked up this white tee in a size 12. I prefer t-shirts to be baggier, and I have intentions to possibly trim the bottom to turn it into a cropped top or maybe cut off the sleeves as I like my sleeves being shorter.

DSC00497 - Copy (2)
my “I just saw a squirrel” face

Gingham is one of my favourite prints as it takes me back to younger days when sunshine meant summer school dresses, so as soon as I see gingham I think of summer. I’m more impartial to the red and white variety as those were my Primary School colours. So, it was no surprise when I picked up this cute top. I’ve never had anything with a peplum in my wardrobe before, but as this one is a little less noticeable than others can be so I quite liked it. I also got this in a 12 and unfortunately it is so big I didn’t even realise there was zip to help you put it on. Hopefully with the right styling it wont be too noticeable but I may have to shorten the straps a little.


Speaking of gingham, I also picked up a black gingham dress. I loved this one as I thought it was super adaptable to be a day or night piece. Pair it with a pair of red kicks or some white converse for a more casual day time chic vibe, or with a pair of brightly coloured heels for a classy summer night outfit.

DSC00512 - CopyDSC00510DSC00516

As I’m spending a week in New Jersey at the end of June, my friends and I are planning a visit to the Jersey Shore. I haven’t worn a bikini in an awful long time and I can never find one that fits well so I’ve always put it off. I’m rather large chested and it often frustrates me when clothing stores don’t sell bikini tops in bra sizes and instead choose to use regular clothing sizes. I may fit into a size 10 top easily, but there’s no way I’ll fit in to a size 14 bikini top. After much struggle I found this black high neck halter and matching bottoms (Obviously I didn’t want to post a picture of myself, but there maybe some when I posted about my holiday either on here or on my instagram followed by a lot of body positivity)

I’m a sucker for a good pair of heels, and as the majority of my heels are various styles of plain black heels, I’ve been dying for a pair of yellow heels so months. I picked up these strappy yellow sandal heels in a size 6. I’m super excited for them to add a pop of colour into my wardrobes and help to brighten up a few monochrome outfits.

DSC00523 - Copy
excuse how red my feet look, this happens after standing for like 2 seconds
also excuse the crappy pedicure

I also got this pair of gladiator sandals for during the day, as I often find that flat sandals hurt my feet as I have flat feet, meaning the heel should help take some of the pressure off.


I also picked up a yellow clutch as another colour pop for many muted outfits. I’ve been searching for a yellow handbag for so long so I’m so excited to add this one to my wardrobe over summer.


I’d love to know ways which I can switch up my wardrobe more, so let me know what your favourite styles and staple pieces are down in the comments.

I can’t wait to see how these pieces come together for some summer outfits, make sure you check back in the coming weeks to see how I styled them!

Love Georgie xo

(all picture credit goes to my great friend Georgina, who is wonderful and helped me take all these pictures)


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