A New New York Adventure

The first time I visited New York, I was 13 years old. As soon as my feet hit the pavement, I felt at home. I think I managed to pick up an American accent by the time we’d walked the 10 blocks from Penn Station to our hotel. That week we did everything a tourist could do. We visited the Statue of Liberty, rode bikes around Central Park, went up the Empire State Building and to the Top of the Rock. I was lucky enough to go back again twice last year. After staying with our friends in New Jersey last February, my mum and I went into the city for the last three days of our holiday. We skipped over the more iconic New York things and saw two Broadway shows, went to Brooklyn for breakfast and visited the Kleinfeld Bridal Store (we’re really big fans of Say Yes To The Dress). When I visited last October with my college, our activities were largely “educational” so we toured the United Nations and had a business tour of Macy’s, but in our free time we did a lot of shopping and sight seeing.

During my trip to New Jersey last week, Sandy and I spent Wednesday exploring the parts of the city I’d never seen before, and even parts Sandy hadn’t seen before aka the Empire State Building – even though she’s lived 45 minutes outside of New York her whole life.

We started the day as any good New York day should, with coffee. To save ourselves from Starbucks prices, we swung by Dunkin Donuts for iced lattes and donuts. We walked from Penn Station to the end of the High Line feeling like true New Yorkers.


Having read about the High Line in a book last year, I’ve told every one of my friends who visited New York to see the High Line, but I was yet to see it myself. It was truly beautiful. I love how they’ve incorporated so much greenery into a concrete jungle.


We picked up some artwork at some of the stalls along the walk and I’m definitely going to be using the pieces I picked up to decorate my room at university.


After we reached the end of the High Line, we walked to Chelsea Markets to pick up some lunch and explore the various shops. Sandy and I are both book lovers, so obviously, we were drawn to the book and stationary store.



Sandy’s dad works in the New York Times building so we walked up to Midtown to visit him for a while before heading for dinner at a diner and visiting Times Square. We swung by Forever21 and I picked up a floral swing dress and some jewellery.


I’ve always been a city person. I love the idea of walking with a large crowd of people with everyone going to a different destination. The lights and noise give me such a rush, and nothing much compares. The city is always changing and so there’s always something new to see. I don’t think could ever not want to go back.


I’ve been up the Empire State Building twice. Once when I was 13, and once last October when I was 17. Sandy had never been up so I told her it was a must. She got so excited and became more of a tourist than I could ever be. It was adorable. The moment when you step outside on the 86th floor always takes my breath away. I’ve always thought it’s one of the most beautiful sights in the world. We watched the sunset over the city and saw all the glistening lights in the buildings slowly turn on.


The inner astronomer in me was also very excited about getting to see the moon. (One time I did a GCSE in Astronomy, it was a year of torture, but now I love looking at the moon).


We headed down and ran for our train, but not before one more stop at Dunkin Donuts first. We caught the train back to Sandy’s home town, both exhausted from all the walking.

I’m already finding things to do on my next trip to New York and I’m definitely craving that city buzz.

Love Georgie xo


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