24 Hours in London

I come from the North West of England so we’re approximately 200 miles away from London. According to many people in Texas, we live in the suburbs of London. We definitely in no way live anywhere close to the suburbs of London, saying we live in the suburbs of Manchester is still pushing it a little. My family and I often take trips into London to see shows on the West End or visit a museum exhibit, or just for a nice weekend in the city. I’ve been on many college trips to different Libraries, Banks and Courts with my courses, so I’m no stranger to the city.

After my trip to New Jersey at the end of June, I flew back to Heathrow to meet my family in the city for a day. My parents and brother had attended the British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park the night before and as we had an appointment at the Maltese High Commission on the Monday, they decided to make a weekend out of it. After arriving at the hotel, I showered and freshened up. Luckily I had managed to sleep for most of my flight so I didn’t need a nap and we were able to head straight into the city.

The boys had headed out earlier to see a Luna Module (or something to do with NASA) at the science museum, so my mum and I caught a later tube and headed straight to Piccadilly Circus. Having recently been in New York, I was relatively disappointed to find the few screen advertisements that could be called the slightly less amazing British version of Times Square to have been replaced with standard advertisement boards. Luckily, I was reassured that they’re simply renovating the boards, and that our Times Square equivalent would be restored to its former glory in due time.


We picked up some snacks for lunch at Boots and headed down to Green Park for a picnic. The weather was lush so the park was packed with families and children.


Obviously we had to head past the number one tourist spot in London. I haven’t actually visited Buckingham Palace since I can remember and as always it was crowded with tourists, but it was still nice to just sit and take it all in for a while.


Something I always do with my dad and brother when we’re on holiday is take a picture of us jumping off something. I don’t know when, where or how it started but we’ve been doing it for many years now. So this time we took the obligatory picture in front of the Victoria Memorial opposite the Palace. Some times we capture brilliant ones like last year’s and some times they end up like these, either way I think they’re brilliant.


My mum claims she’s never properly seen Westminster Abbey before, so we headed off down Birdcage Walk to see the Houses of Parliament and the Abbey. I educated my parents on the UK Supreme Court with as much information as I could remember from my AS Politics studies.

DSC00884DSC00885 (2)

Obviously, as the Tour De France Highlights were due to start at 7pm, we had to head back to our hotel at 5 to ensure there was no way we could miss the show, even though it was on repeat at 8. After the highlights finished, we walked to a pub near our hotel for tea, and had an early evening.

The next morning, we got up early and caught the tube back to Piccadilly Circus to head to our appointment at the Maltese High Commission. As my dad’s family is from Malta, we’ve spend the last ten years collecting various paperwork in order to gain our Maltese citizenship. The authorization process takes up to 18 months, so I’ll update you on that in the future.

As all four of us were exhausted and ready to head back to our own beds, we traveled back to our hotel to pick up our car and drove to the motorway blasting “We Love the North” by the Lancashire Hotpots through the speakers. Many miles later, we arrived back home and I went straight upstairs to the comfort of my own bed for the first time in a while.

I’m super glad we got nice weather for our little trip and I’m sure I’ll be back in the city in a few months.

Love Georgie xo


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